Lyla Kennedy

Click Here to see Lyla Kennedy at Facial Abuse Lyla Kennedy is a derpy, goofy broad with daddy issues. She’s actually a fan of our work (who can blame her, right?). Today, she went from being a spectator to the star. It was not as easy as she thought. Having a cock rammed down your […]

Jesse Taylor

Click Here to see Jesse Taylor at Facial Abuse What’s 94 pounds, has a pretty pussy, the nicest tits you’ve seen in a while and a plump little apple ass? The answer… the dumb twat Jesse Taylor. Jesse weighs as much as one of Pauly’s legs… so we didn’t know how this was going to […]

Charlie Stevens

Click Here to see Charlie Stevens at Facial Abuse Charlie Stevens… honestly, I thought this cunt was going to tap in record time but this piece of shit actually stuck it out. She has to owe someone money because no way is this her cup of tea. Pauly put this bitch in her place. She […]

Kristina Bella

Click Here to see Kristina Bella at Facial Abuse We hit a home run here today, fellas! Let me start off by saying that Kristina Bella is 18 years old, is a fitness model and is doing porn for the very first time. Seriously… can you even get better. Her body is tight, perfect little […]

Avona Dominica

Click Here to see Avona Dominica at Facial Abuse Avona Dominica makes porn, not because she wants to be a porn star, but because she has overwhelming bills to pay. It’s that same story I hear over and over. At this point, I’m completely desensitized to their sob stories. I just want them to come […]